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I regret buying my Nintendo Switch Lite

It can be lesser and more cost-effective, but is it greater?

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

The Nintendo Change is my favourite video clip online games console. Perhaps ever. Considering how a great deal I loved my Tremendous Nintendo, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, which is saying anything. 

But specified my current circumstances — a parent with limited time to do anything at all that isn’t really operating, sleeping or having care of two cacodemons disguised as younger little ones — there is certainly hardly ever been a console greater intended for a human being like me. It truly is the console that pours alone into the gaps of my occupied lifetime.

The only situation I ever experienced with my Nintendo Swap is I had to share it. I’ll in no way forget about the to start with scratch I obtained on the screen. Definitely a darkish working day.

I was cleaning up my kids’ play place when I saw it. My Nintendo Switch. Experience down. Monitor down atop a gigantic pile of sharp, spiky Lego. It was like waking up and seeing your pet goldfish tummy up in the tank.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” I screamed. Basically screamed. I sank to my knees in physical agony, rocking back again and forth in the fetal placement, cradling my Change, pausing to frantically looking for scratches, angling the display towards the mild.

“No. No. No.”

Yep, scratches. Two of them. Deep ones.


It was in that exact second that I started to fantasize. About a wholly indulgent obtain that created no sense. A second Nintendo Switch. A Switch safe from the abuse of exuberant children. A Change that would continue being hidden in some locked drawer in my bedroom.  

A secret Switch for me and me by itself.

I harboured this superb dream for yrs, and when Nintendo announced the Swap Lite — a more compact, more cost-effective (by $100) edition of the first — I believed, this is my opportunity. The fantastic justification. A manufacturer new up to date edition of my favourite console. 

So I acquired it. A model new Change Lite, a crisp, clean turquoise quantity. I headed house from the shop with a smile on my experience and a skip in my step. My mystery Switch, without end pristine, endlessly harmless from grubby fingerprints and rogue scratches. Perfection.

And it was. For the 1st month or two my Nintendo Switch Lite was a desire. I stored it safe and sound from grubby, careless tiny palms, performed it at evening, on the bus. 

But now, virtually two year right after obtaining it, my Nintendo Swap Lite stays largely unplayed. I scarcely touch it and, if I’m currently being sincere, I regret buying it.


If I am at home, I want it on my Tv set.

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

It’s not necessarily the console alone, or the video games. That’s all great. It really is the functionality — what the Nintendo Switch Lite can and are unable to do in comparison to its older, more substantial brother.

I you should not essentially regret acquiring an excess Swap, I just would like I might purchased the first Swap. Truly, now that the OLED Change is en route, I regret not ready to purchase that improve alternatively.

My reasoning again then was very uncomplicated. I’d have a person regular Nintendo Change, a house Switch that was for the young ones. Transportable if need to have be, but largely performed on the Television set and in the residence. The Change Lite — a pure handheld console that can not join to the Television set like the unique — would be with me at all periods. It did not need to be connected to the Tv set, so why pay more for the privilege? 

Now that I have owned and performed both of those versions of the Nintendo Switch, even so, I am here to tell you: I should have paid out more for the massive boy. Months down the track, I are unable to think of a solitary circumstance exactly where I would recommend the Nintendo Change Lite around the primary Nintendo Change.

I miss out on the more substantial display screen. I miss currently being able to give the console a facelift by including various colored controllers. Most of all I miss out on acquiring the option to dock my Switch and engage in on the considerably larger sized Television display screen the moment my young ones are safely and securely asleep.

I did not imagine I might skip this element but I was wrong. It is simple to forget just how a lot superior video games like Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing seem and really feel on a major monitor. The fact these game titles can be performed in handheld mode is a modern-day wonder, but enjoying on Tv is continue to, for the most portion, the perfect way to play.

Is the Change Lite much better for children? Not definitely. That is the primary argument for the existence of the Change Lite, but it will not maintain h2o. Youngsters like to enjoy video games on Television set as considerably as grownups do. The extra expense is a worry, clearly, but paying the added $100 is surely value it in this situation.

Is the Change Lite handy as a next Switch, like I after argued? Once more, not really. A 2nd Nintendo Change is useful as a 2nd Nintendo Switch, not the Lite. The unique Nintendo Swap does every little thing the Lite can with the included advantage of possessing a greater display in handheld manner. The Change Lite, in comparison, is compromised. It’s less costly, clearly. But not low cost more than enough to justify obtaining in excess of the primary. 

Basically put, the Change Lite erases what manufactured the authentic so unique. That’s why, alternatively of pouring itself into the hassle-free gaps of my hectic plan, my Switch Lite stays unloved and unplayed. A solution Swap in a locked drawer. Secure from scratches, confident, but is just not that the signal of a console which is loved? My 1st Nintendo Swap acquired its battle scars by hundreds of hours of play. My Nintendo Swap Lite, on the other hand, is accumulating dust.

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