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Man builds 360-degree rotating house so wife can enjoy changing views

Reuters via VOA GIF by Leslie Katz/CNET

If guests to rural northern Bosnia location a household whose facade appears to be distinctive every time they move, they are not imagining points. The novel structure rotates a full 360 degrees. 

Vojin Kusic developed the house around the city of Srbac for his wife, Ljubica, who expressed a need for varied sights without switching rooms. Now she gets just that. She can, for illustration, sit in the same chair and gaze at the entrance garden or the backyard, dependent on her mood. It is a place with a see, and then some.   

“The home can make a complete circle for 24 hours when it really is at the slowest speed, whilst at the quickest spinning it can make a full circle in 22 seconds,” Kusic, 72, explained to Reuters

The self-taught inventor made and built the bright eco-friendly dwelling with the red roof himself. He mounted it on a concrete base, and electric motors and wheels from an old armed service transportation car spin it on a 23-foot (7-meter) axis. The front doorway even rotates. It took him 6 years to finish the project, progressing a little day after working day. 

Kusic, who cites inventor Nikola Tesla as one of his inspirations, has created households prior to. When he and his wife to start with married, he designed them a extra normal abode, the form that stands even now. 

At the time, he explained to Reuters, Ljubica preferred their bedrooms to facial area the sun, but that intended their residing home faced absent from the street and they couldn’t see men and women approaching the entrance garden. So he did some key transforming that associated knocking down walls. 

“I have acquired worn out of her issues and frequent refurbishing of our loved ones dwelling and I said: I’ll establish you a rotating residence so you can spin it as you desire,” Kusic mentioned. 

The abnormal new house will no question bring in loads of curious passersby. But if wanting out at the crowds gets to be as well much for the household, which is not a dilemma. All they have to do is spin their dwelling all around for a quieter perspective. 

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