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Vaccine mandates ‘good for the economy’, White House claims, chalking up Southwest flight cancellations just ‘a little hubbub’

White Home Push Secretary Jen Psaki has claimed Covid-19 vaccine mandates are “good for the economy” and denied accusations that thousands of the latest Southwest flight cancellations have been due to the need.

During a Tuesday briefing, Psaki was asked if vaccine mandates are negatively affecting the workforce, the question coming on the heels of Southwest a short while ago canceling hundreds of flights not long soon after they commenced enforcing the necessity.

“I know earth-renowned company, vacation, and wellbeing professional Sen. Ted Cruz has manufactured that issue,” she mentioned, denying that staffing or efficiency problems in any sector now are due to mandates. 

Cruz had beforehand blamed the Southwest challenges on the White House.

She then right tackled the Southwest problem, calling the story a “little hubbub” and saying that accusations the mandate was associated to the cancellations was “absolutely phony and really the issues had been wholly unrelated to vaccine mandates.”

Doubling down, Psaki later claimed vaccine mandates are in fact “good for the economy” and the White Dwelling appears to be ahead to more broadly employing them.

Previously on Tuesday, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly experienced reported in an interview that chaos with his airline had “zero” to do with the mandate. He even vowed to defy states that have banned mandates, like Texas, by however requiring staff members to be inoculated. 

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Southwest CEO claims vax mandate experienced ‘ZERO’ to do with mass flight cancellations, vows to DEFY Texas mandate ban

The business blamed “disruptive weather” for the delays. 

Psaki’s phrases, not remarkably, did not encourage considerably self confidence in mandate critics, who accused the press secretary of spinning the story by denying any connection involving staffing challenges across the place and the starting levels of mandates being enforced in corporations.

Cruz also responded to the “snarky insults” thrown his way in his have tweets, in which he claimed to speak to “a very credible & senior resource in aviation” who confirmed mandates have been behind staff strolling absent from their posts.

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