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Homesport'Just asking for trouble': Will Steve Cohen's tweets doom the Mets?

‘Just asking for trouble’: Will Steve Cohen’s tweets doom the Mets?

It must’ve felt very good for Mets owner Steve Cohen to punch deliver on his angry tweet Wednesday morning, his vitriol and endorphins and frustration released by directing his social media ire (and his much more-than-200,000 followers) toward minor-recognized agent Rob Martin. Cohen referred to Martin’s actions in the Steven Matz negotiations as “unprofessional” and all but termed him a liar.

What Cohen does not feel to recognize, or care to admit, is that every single time he publicly gripes about agents, his offense, or the admirers, he is denting the franchise that expense him $2.475 billion. Tweet by tweet, he is feeding the notion between rival executives and agents, and, most importantly, among players, that the Mets have somehow come to be more dysfunctional beneath Cohen than they have been below the Wilpon spouse and children, the past possession team — and that is an terribly significant bar. He is feeding the perception that the Mets are evolving into their personal Huge Apple Circus, with the operator looming as a menace to attack everything from agents to slumping hitters.

With every single social media article, Cohen possibly helps make it a little a lot more tough for the franchise to comprehend his stated objective of profitable the Environment Series in the subsequent two to four decades. In a sport in which players will have to be courted, and creating organizational achievement and an enduring significant league roster can just take several years, notion does make a difference. When you converse with rival officials — together with some who’ve had options to converse to the Mets about employment — the very simple truth of the matter is that Cohen’s ownership patterns are considered as an unwelcome wild card.

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