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Russia Says It Shut Down Notorious Hacker Group at U.S. Request

U.S. officials have explained that the Kremlin could shut down hacker groups like REvil, but tolerates or even encourages them, as prolonged as their targets are exterior of Russia.

In July, following President Biden’s ultimatum, REvil went offline, fueling speculations about whether or not the Kremlin experienced requested the team to go silent, or the United States or its allies experienced managed to disrupt its functions, or the team by itself had decided to go underground, fearing that the heat experienced become as well intense.

Nevertheless, it resurfaced two months afterwards, reactivating a portal victims use to make payments. In October, it was once again pressured offline, briefly, by a counter-hacking work mounted by the governments of many international locations, which include the United States.

REvil, short for “ransomware evil” has been one of the most infamous ransomware hacking groups sought by United States legislation enforcement. Ransomware teams hack into a victim’s computer system procedure and encrypt its facts, properly locking out the proprietors, and extort them for funds — from time to time tens of millions of bucks, paid in cryptocurrency — in return for reversing the encryption.

U.S. intelligence companies identified REvil as responsible for the attack on a single of America’s greatest beef producers, JBS, last June, forcing the shutdown of nine beef vegetation. In the close, JBS claimed it experienced compensated an $11 million ransom in Bitcoin. The operator of the Colonial Pipeline paid practically $5 million in Bitcoin.

REvil also took credit history for what was described as the most important ransomware hack at any time in July, influencing up to 1,500 firms close to the entire world.

The corporation boasted about its assaults on its web page — termed “Happy Blog” — on the dark world-wide-web, exactly where it mentioned some of its victims and earnings from its electronic extortion techniques.

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